• Image of Arai GP6 PED

Super Complex Laminate Construction (SCLC)
Enhanced Hyper Ridge shell strengthening in lower section
Larger opening for increase ease when taking helmet on or off
PED kit for better aerodynamic properties (install separately)
Three larger ventilation scoops (holes increased from 7.8mm to 10mm)
Two larger ventilation slots at rear covered by Delta Duct (holes increased from 7.8mm to 10mm)
Dual inlet chin vent
Smaller portal visor aperture (60mm)
Visor locking system with lever for easier opening (as recommended by IRL)
3mm thick, two-dimensional visor with F1 aluminium visor system prepared for the use of tear-offs (visor not interchangeable with GP-5)
Improved visor pivot kit for better aerodynamics and visor operation
Multi-Density Hybrid inner shell
Approved Fire-resistant lining consisting of 3 materials, Carbon Nit, Nomex and *Conex
(*a new, more durable, surface material for high wear areas)
Kevlar Chinstrap
F.I.A. approved for use with HANS system (with factory fitted HANS anchors).

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